Viassary TM - Interaction Beyond the Web

Viassary extends your relationship with your customers, enabling you to increase your revenues through product sales, up sells, reduced turnaround time on product notifications and information delivery, and by enhancing the overall customer experience.

Viassary is a suite of customer-empowering products and services that enables companies, via multiple digital touch points, to reach their customers online or offline with the intelligent delivery of relevant, timely and targeted communications and applications to profitably drive business.

Overall benefits:

Revenue Generation Generate incremental revenue by strategically targeting the promotion of products and services through compelling desktop and digital touch points.
Relevance at the Individual Level Increase your share-of-customer by delivering the right communications or application to the right customer at the right time.
Online or Offline Reach beyond the web with presence on the desktop and digital touch points to deepen relationships with your customers while adding value to existing marketing strategies.
Actionable Data Understand your customers' behaviors and respond by refining the touch points with greater relevance, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Viassary Intelligent Delivery Solution

Right Interaction - Right Time - Right Target

Solutions that use predefined business rules to intelligently deliver relevant communications and applications to the right customers at the right time.

Minimal resources Uses minimal resources while anticipating the occurrence of specific conditions that trigger the Intelligent Delivery process.
Local or Remote Conditions may be local or remote, ranging from the addition of peripherals to the occurrence of events in remote servers.
Active Online or Offline Remains active to deliver messages or actions in online or offline environments.
Compelling and Valuable The active state is invisible and unobtrusive to the user until it displays a compelling communication or activates a valuable application or action.
Unique Messaging Provides unique messaging capabilities based on your company's marketing strategy..

The Viassary suite of products and services includes:

Viassary Conductor

Smart client-side and server-side rules engines that facilitate relevant, timely and targeted rules-based interaction with your customers regardless of their Internet connectivity status, resulting in enhanced customer relationships.

Intelligent Platform Recognizes customer interactions with their computer and other digital devices and responds by delivering relevant, timely and targeted communications such as news, offers and promotions.
Targeted Delivery to Individual Customers Evaluates your customer's computer and wireless PDA and reacts by providing relevant, timely, and targeted actions, such as proactive customer alerts and product updates.
Privacy Friendly Enables flexible privacy management to target your customers without compromising their privacy.
Online or Offline Uses client-side and server-side technology, running independently or cooperatively, to target customers online or offline.

Viassary Imager

Versatile software that engages customers and leverages the power of the desktop touch point through the creation and deployment of applications and custom-designed interfaces.

Extends Brand Equity Extends and reinforces brand equity through desktop interfaces of any shape, size or design.
Top of Mind Placement Allows for flexible desktop placement and multiple levels of persistency to keep brands, products and services top of mind.
Easy to Update Easy to create, maintain and update interfaces to deliver fresh and engaging graphics and content.
Supports a Variety of Functionality Supports a variety of functionality, including the ability to launch applications, present multimedia and deliver content with a captivating and interactive desktop experience.


Adaptive technology that downloads applications, content, functionality and product updates in the background without interrupting your customer's computer experience.

Information Delivery with Positive User Experience Evaluates your customer's Internet connection for idle bandwidth to download data so the online experience is never compromised.
Faster, More Versatile Information Delivery to Expedite Interaction Optimizes data delivery by maintaining the state of the download if the Internet connection is interrupted and resuming where it left off the next time your customer establishes an Internet connection.

Viassary Interpreter

Powerful, analytical technology and services that interpret information using key indicators and CRM-based analytics to understand customers and maximize your relationships.

Access to Data that is Specific to Your Customers Provides business intelligence to understand your customers' behaviors, allowing for effective market segmentation, and the development and execution of highly targeted campaigns.
Compatible With Your Existing CRM Software Integrates data seamlessly into pre-existing CRM based solutions or can be compiled in various formats for easy analysis.
Data Collection Allows for sophisticated, aggregate data collection of your customers' behaviors.
Provides Analytics for Strategy Development Allows companies to perform statistical analysis, cluster or segment customers and perform predictive modeling to anticipate customer behavior.

Viassary Infrastructure

Proven technology that provides the underlying architecture of the Viassary suite and enables the products to communicate and perform their functions. The architecture includes core communications infrastructure, upgrades and versioning, privacy management, security, system maintenance and support.

Scalability Provides highly scalable and effective support for millions of concurrent users.
Security Supports multiple levels of security with a unique version management system and encryption to protect the integrity of the entire system, safeguarding sensitive customer data.
Actionable Data Captures and processes data from a customer base, providing a formidable source of information for decision-making needs.
Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Platforms Provides a flexible architecture that can seamlessly integrate with your company's existing infrastructure.

Viassary Summary

Leverage the power of your customers' digital touch points to deliver relevant, timely and targeted communications and applications.

Reach beyond the web with Viassary to:

  • Generate incremental revenue
  • Increase share-of-customer
  • Deepen customer relationships
  • Understand customers' behaviors
  • Respond with greater relevance
  • Increase customer loyalty