Drive Revenue through Relevant Cross-Selling Example

Business Issue
An E-commerce Retailer seeks to increase revenue by cross-selling relevant products to their most valuable customers based on relevant needs.

Advise customers who have purchased specific items with product information and offers directly related to their purchase.

A high value customer purchases a digital camera on-line. When the customer connects the camera to their PC, the customer receives communication on their desktop advising them about relevant and complementary product information and offerings, such as:

  • Demonstration on how to create albums online, then advise which type of photo-paper is most suitable for printing digital photos (i.e. display when the customer is finished downloading digital photos)
  • Suggestions for printer upgrades that will produce the best quality images, based on the installed printer that their PC identifies (will only deliver if the printer should be upgraded)
  • Information on how to access and use a Personal Photo Library, where the customer can store and share photos with family and friends