FAQs - User Profiles

Q: What are profiles?
A: Profiles allow you to share the same version of the NeoPlanet Browser between several users. If you enable profiles, each user profile you create can have individual channel, skin, and e-mail settings. Each profile can also be password protected to prohibit others from easily accessing your stuff. This feature is REALLY handy for families, roommates, anywhere a computer is shared property.

Q:How do I enable profiles?
A: Just click on OPTIONS in the toolbar, which brings up the Control Panel. Click on the Profile Manager icon. In the dialogue, just click on the box marked "Enable Multiple Profiles". Another dialogue will pop up requesting a name for the first dialogue to be created (the NeoPlanet Browser will automatically use the current settings of the client to build the profile). Just give your profile a name and click on OK. If you login to Windows, NeoPlanet can recognize that action and make the appropriate profile active if you select "USE WINDOWS LOGIN". If you would prefer that NeoPlanet manage your profile login, select "PROMPT FOR PROFILE". Now, any time you start NeoPlanet, it will either use the Windows login to call up a profile or prompt you itself.

Q: How do I password protect my profiles?
A: If you are using the Windows login, it will already be password protected according to the password you have saved. If you are using the NeoPlanet Browser to prompt you, you'll need to assign a password to a specific profile. Just select the profile you want to password protect, and click on the box marked "Password Protected". As soon as you do, the NeoPlanet Browser will require you enter a password for the profile. When you are satisfied, just click on OK. You can now close or add more profiles if you wish.

Q: How do I add profiles?
A: Just enter the Profile Manager, click on the "New Profile" button, and give the new profile a name. You'll have to login again in order to switch to the new profile, if you need to.

Q: What happens if I turn profiles off?
A: the NeoPlanet Browser WILL store the profile info for you, but only ONE profile can be used if the Profile Manager is not active. If you uncheck the "Enable Multiple Profiles" box, NeoPlanet will ask you which profile should be used for single-user mode. Just select the profile you need from the pulldown, and click on OK.