FAQs - Searching

Q: How do I search for sites using the NeoPlanet Browser?
A: You have lots of choices when it comes to searching, just pick your favorite! First and foremost, we have the channel bar, your first stop when trying to locate a specific site. Just click on the general topic category and drill down within the channel. If you can't find what you need in the channels, try one of these options:

  1. For detailed searching, type Alt-S on the keyboard to bring up the NeoPlanet Browser search client.
  2. For a simple (yet specific) search, try the QuickSearch field on the toolbar: select the type of search from the pulldown, enter your search parameter, and click on the RUN SEARCH icon for a REALLY simple search, just type what wish to search for in the URL field, and the Enhanced Browsing mechanism will do the job!

Q: How do I use the Search utility?
A: Simple, just type Alt-S, and the NeoPlanet Browser search window will open. The Search utility will open up with the search window open. On the Search Bar, select the type of search you would like to perform, since different searches use different forms. Next, fill out the information on the form, and click on the appropriate button to search (usually called "Go", "Go get it", "OK", etc). The window will flip into resullts mode, with a list of matches for your particular search. To return to search mode, just click on the tab above the window marked SEARCH, and to go back to results at any time, click on RESULTS.

Q: How do I use the QuickSearch tool?
A: Our QuickSearch utility is the easiest way we could think of to make searching fast AND simple. Just select the type of search you want from the pulldown (like FIND BOOKS), enter a search parameter (like WAR AND PEACE), and click on the run search icon (or hit ENTER). Your search results will appear in the main window.

Q: I don't like the sites you use for searching. Can I change them?
A: Well, not really. We've put a lot of time into thinking about what people want to use and we believe our search features are pretty nifty. Currently, there is no way to change which sites are used for searching, though we are considering adding a selection that users can choose from. For the moment, try using the search tools in the Internet channel if what we offer is not to your liking.