FAQs - Other Stuff

Q: Why does NeoPlanet Browser stay running in my system tray? A: While NeoPlanet Browser is running in your tray, it can auto-check for your e-mail and will launch more quickly. If you want to access any of the tray options, just right-click the tray icon and select "System Tray Options". You can also access this menu from within NeoPlanet Browser by right-clicking the "Options" button on the toolbar and selecting "Startup Options".

Q: Clicking the toolbar buttons doesn't work. What do I do? A: The toolbar buttons work in a very specific way. In case you don't like the toolbar and have hidden it, all options are available from the standard menu. Most of the toolbar buttons will perform an action when you left-click them. The exceptions are as follows: Back, Forward, Mail, Options, Channels. These five buttons are usable as per the following:

  • Left-clicking (quickly) on them will perform a default action. Back and Forward will move to the page you were just at, or the next page in a stored list. Mail will bring up the Read Mail window. Options will bring up the Control Panel. Channels will hide the Channel Bar.
  • Holding the left mouse button down and not letting go will bring up a pull-down menu of more options. For Back and Forward, this means a list of sites you have been to before. For other buttons, this is a list of options related to either Mail, general NeoPlanet Browser Options, or Channels.
  • Right-clicking will bring up the same menu as above.
Q: What are "Internet Settings" under the "Options" menu for? A: Since NeoPlanet Browser uses your existing Internet Explorer engine for viewing web pages, you may at some point need to change your IE settings. This window allows you to do that without having to exit NeoPlanet Browser.