FAQs - Keyboard Shortcuts

F1    Help
F2    Control Panel
F3    Skin Window
F4    Open URL History
F5    Refresh
F6    Back one Page
F7    Forward one Page
F8    Home
F9    Read mail
F10   Write mail
F11   Mail settings
F12   Zoom full screen

1    Big toolbar
2    No text on toolbar
3    Small toolbar
F4  Close window in focus

a    Select all
b    Modify Favorites
c    Copy to clipboard
d    Add current page to Favorites
f     Find text on current page
g    Hide/show channel bar
h    Activate History
j     Activate Channel Designer
k    Activate Address Books
l     Write e-mail message
m   Read e-mail messages
n    New window
o    Open file or location
p    Print
r     Refresh
s    Save as
u    View source
v     Paste
w    Hide folder and site bar
x    Cut to clipboard

Esc  Stop loading page