FAQs - Download Manager

Q: How do I download a file with Download Manager?
A: Download Manager is enabled by default in the NeoPlanet Browser. When you click on a link to download a file with an extension that Download Manager recognizes, you are given the choice to Download Now, or to Download Later according to your Schedule settings. Note: If you right click a file link and select Save As you will see a traditional Windows dialog rather than the Download Manager dialog.

Q: How do I enable/disable Download Manager?
A: There are two ways to get to the Download Manager Preferences screen: 1) In the NeoPlanet Browser window, click the Options button to bring up the Control Panel, and then double click the Download Manager icon, or: 2) Click the Downloads button on the NeoPlanet Browser toolbar, then click the Preferences menu open Download Manager Preferences. The last option under the General tab is a checkbox to Enable Download Manager. If the box is checked, Download Manager is ready to go. If it is unchecked, the Download Manager will be disabled.

Q: How do I set my preferences for Scheduled Downloads?
A: In the Download Manager Preferences, click on the Schedule tab. You can turn Scheduling off entirely by removing the mark from the first checkbox. When the box is checked, you can set the other specific settings such as time and day to your liking. The two options at the bottom determine whether you receive a warning when exiting NeoPlanet if there are downloads scheduled, and whether your computer has permission to automatically establish a dialup modem connection to the Internet.

Q: How do I resume an interrupted download?
A: Click the Downloads button on the NeoPlanet Browser toolbar to view your download History and Status. Interrupted downloads will have the Resume button available under the Action column for that file.

Q: How do I stop or pause a download?
A: In the main Download Manager screen, a current download will have the Stop button available in the Action column. Click Stop, and the download will be set to Scheduled status (or Stopped, if Scheduling is disabled). You can then click Resume at will, let it happen automatically if Scheduled, or cancel the download with the Delete button.

Q: How do I track my download history?
A: You can see your download history at any time by clicking the Downloads button on the NeoPlanet Browser toolbar. You can also set Download Manager to notify you or to display the Download Manager window when a download completes under the General tab in the Download Manager Preferences.

Q: How do I manage where my downloads are saved?
A: In the Types/Locations tab of the Download Manager Preferences, you can set up as many Type categories as you like, to which you can assign one or many different file types (designated by a file extension, e.g., "filename.mp3"). The default Type categories are Video, Music, Programs, and Others. To change the location of existing Types, click on the category name then click the Edit button, then Browse from Default Location to the directory you wish to use. Similarly, to modify the file types assigned to each category, click Edit to change a Type or click Add to make a new one, and then type in the desired file extensions, separated by commas (e.g., ".mp3,.mid,.ra") with no spaces.

Q: Is there another way to designate the way files are saved?
A: Why, yes! As a matter of fact, you can modify the properties of a single Scheduled or Stopped download by highlighting it in the main Download Manager screen and choosing Modify Selected from the Edit menu. This allows you to designate the filename, Type category, and Location manually.

Q: Can I start a Scheduled download before its scheduled time?
A: Yes, you can start a Scheduled or Stopped download immediately by clicking the Start button under the Action column for that file.

Q: How do I clear my download history?
A: You can remove completed downloads from the list by selecting Remove all completed from the Download menu on the main Download Manager screen.