FAQs - Dialer

Q: What is the NeoPlanet Browser Dialer?
A: Windows provides you with the tools to access your ISP/LAN, so that you can connect to the Internet. The NeoPlanet Browser Dialer uses the same information as the Windows Dialer, but allows you to easily access your connection settings without having to quit the NeoPlanet Browser or go rummaging through your settings. If you are not familiar with how your computer connects to the Internet, then we recommend you leave well enough alone and continue using the Windows Dialer. The NeoPlanet Browser Dialer is geared towards users with special or multiple connections - it makes switching between connection options fast and effective.

Q: How do I engage the NeoPlanet Browser Dialer?
A: Just click on the OPTIONS button, and select Dialer Settings from the Control Panel. The dialog that pops up defaults to "Let Windows manage my internet connection". In order to engage the NeoPlanet Dialer, simply click on the alternative option of "Use NeoPlanet to manage my internet connection". Immediately, the dialog lights up, and displays your current connection options. From the pulldown, select MODEM or LAN, depending on which you use, and then select the connection you want to enable. Then, just go to the FILE menu, and select "NeoPlanet Dialer" from the list of options to launch. Again, if you are unsure of ANYTHING, just click on the first option to let Windows handle your connection.

Q: In the Dialer Settings dialog, what do the other buttons do?
A: You have three buttons available:

  1. Properties - The current properties of your chosen modem connection. Note that this button will not do anything if you are in LAN mode.
  2. Modem Settings - The settings for your modem, that nifty piece of hardware that lets you connect to your ISP.
  3. New Connection - If you need to establish a new connection, this button will launch the New Connection wizard, to facilitate the task.

You also have a checkbox option to "prompt to disconnect" your modem whenever you close the NeoPlanet Browser. If you are a LAN user, we suggest keeping this box unchecked. If you use a modem and keep the box checked, the NeoPlanet Browser will prompt you to disconnect from your ISP everytime you close the main window.