FAQs - Control Panel

Q: What is the Control Panel?
A: This is where you access a host of options available to you for customizing the NeoPlanet Browser interface. The Control Panel allows you to access most of NeoPlanet Browser's features from one easy-to-use dialogue box with selectable tabs.

Q: How do I access the control panel?
A: To open the control panel window, select control panel from the pull-down menu that appears when you right-click "Options" on the toolbar (F2). When the control panel pops up, just double-click the entry you want to display or modify.

Q: Can I change the Start Page to my own page?
A: The Start Page option is always there, but you can add in your own homepage. Just right-click the "Options" button and select "Control Panel" (F2). Then, click the "Your Home Page" icon. A dialogue box pops up with a space for you to enter your own preferred page if you uncheck the option for using the default start page. You can also click the "Use Current Page" button if you have the page you want in the main window.

Q: What is the "IE Settings" option for?
A: Although NeoPlanet Browser controls the interface, IE controls a lot of the background browser functions. Therefore, in order to change certain browser defaults, you will have to change them as you normally would in the "IE Settings" area. Access this function to point NeoPlanet Browser to the correct dial-up account, clear your temporary internet files, etc.

Q: What are "Startup Options"?
A: Whenever you open NeoPlanet Browser, it performs certain functions automatically, unless you prefer that it does not. You have the option of changing any of the following to "On" or "Off":

  • Show the splash screen
  • Notify you of unread e-mail in your Inbox
  • Check to see whether or not the NeoPlanet Browser is the default interface of choice on your system
In order to have any of the above active, make sure the checkbox directly to the left of the option contains a check. If you prefer it be rendered inactive, make sure there is no check in the checkbox.

Q: What's the Modem Speed Booster?
A: Your operating system (Windows) has low-level settings that affect the speed at which data is accessed from a network, like the Internet. You computer is not necessarily optimized for accessing data via a dial-up connection on a modem. NeoPlanet Browser may be able to optimize your computer to give you faster Internet connectivity. It won't propel your 28.8k connection to a 56k one, but it might give you a boost for faster page loads.
Note: Windows 98 and NT 4 are already optimized in such a fashion as to make the Modem Speed Booster redundant. The feature is designed primarily for Windows 95 users...

Q: What is Enhanced Browsing?
A: Enhanced browsing allows you to turn options on that turn your URL bar into a powerful search tool. In a nutshell, you have three options:

  1. Auto-Completion. The first check will automatically add "www." in front of a single word and ".com" after it. If you put in the word "neoplanet" in the URL bar with Auto-Completion on, NeoPlanet Browser will try to navigate to www.neoplanet.com. If that fails, it will try to navigate to a ".net" address, in this case www.neoplanet.net. If that also fails, or you have entered multiple words in the URL bar, NeoPlanet Browser will proceed to the next check, or fail if you have no other options turned on.
  2. RealNames. RealNames by Centraal is a service that allows you to put in words in plain language to navigate to a site associated with your text. You don't need to know the URL, which often is not the same as the company name. For example, to get to the Budget car rental site (which is www.budgetrentacar.com) you can simply type in Budget Car Rental, in plain language. If you have the RealNames option turned on, you will be taken to the Budget web site automatically. If you do not get a match, you will be taken to the RealNames site to show you the closest matches available.
  3. Web Search. If you do not have RealNames turned on, and Auto-Completion fails for any reason, NeoPlanet Browser will automatically search for your text on the web via a search engine. If you enter "dog grooming new york", Auto-Complete will automatically fail because you've entered multiple words. If REalNames is turned on, you will be taken to their site for matches to their text. If you have RealNames turned off, you will get a page on a search engine showing you the closest matches of web sites available for your search. So, instead of having to go to a web site and perform a search, NeoPlanet Browser will do it for you!

Q: Are these the options I have?
A: No, they are provided as quickly-accessible options from the "Options" button for ease-of-use. In order to bring up the full NeoPlanet Browser control panel, just select that option when right-click on the "Options" button. Play around with things to see what you can customize!