FAQs - Communities

Q: How do I begin using Communities?
A: When you first install the NeoPlanet Browser, you will be asked to join the Communities as either a new member or as an existing member. You can skip the entire Communities registration process, but let's assume you would like to add a new account. Enter an alias you would like to be known as, your e-mail address, a password (and confirm), whether you are male or female, and indicate whether you have read the Communities usage agreement (you must do this to use Communities). Click on NEXT. In case you forget your password, it's a good idea to indicate some sort of hint. You can select from several options. Click on NEXT. Now, the NeoPlanet Browser will check to see if that alias exists. If it does, you will be taken back to the information screen to change it. If not, you will be taken to the interest category screen. Here, s elect the types of Communities you would like to get information on, and click on next. You're done!!!

Q: What am I looking at in the Community Bar?
A: The Communities Bar (just underneath your Channels) shows you a couple of things. The first category is called MY FRIENDS, where anyone that you have added as a friend is displayed. Underneath that is a heading for each Community that you are a member of. Double-click on either one of those headings to expand the list of users online for that particular area. The MY FRIENDS list is comprised of users that you have specifically added, while Community headings show all users that are members of a specific Community. At the very top of the Communities Bar, above MY FRIENDS is an icon that looks like a square cartoon bubble. This is the CLUB OPTIONS button. Clicking on it will pull up a menu of available options related to your Communities preferences. You can add users, add Communities, change your profile, etc.

Q: I did not set up a Communities account during install. Can I create one now?
A: Absolutely. If you click on the CLUBS button in the Toolbar, the only option you should have available is one to create an account. Just click on that option and follow the setup procedure. In minutes, you'll be participating in Communities to your heart's content!

Q: What features are available through the CLUB OPTIONS button?
A: In order, here is what you can do if you click on this button:

  • Add/Find/Browse Communities - Select this option if you would like to search through all existing Communities. Once there, use the search form to find Communities akin to your tastes and join!
  • Go to your Communities home page - By selecting this option, you will be taken to a special page that provides you with access to all your Communities information. It will show you all of the Communities you belong to, your current list of friends, display suggested Communities you may wish to join (based on your preferences), and access to your online Communities profile, in case you wish to make changes.
  • View/Change Your User Profile - This will take you directly to your online Communities profile.
  • Preferences - Pulls up your NeoPlanet Browser preferences, related to Communities.
  • Do Not Disturb - You can turn this feature on if you would like to have access to Communities functionality, but do not want to receive messages from friends or community members. Anyone that tries to send you a message will receive a message that you are not available. You can customize this message in your preferences area.
  • Logoff from Communities - This closes your active connection the Communities system.
  • All of these features are also accessible via the CLUBS button in the toolbar and through the NeoPlanet Browser Control Panel (available by clicking on the OPTIONS button in the toolbar).
Q: I clicked on the Communities Preferences option. What can I do here?
A: The following options are available to you in the Preferences dialog:
  • Hit Enter key to send message - If this box is checked, when you are messaging or chatting with a friend or community member, hitting the enter key will send the message you have just typed. If this box is not checked, you may use the enter key to move down a line in your messages, but you must click on the SEND button to send your message.
  • Login to Communities when the NeoPlanet Browser starts - Logging in to Communities takes a little time, anywhere from 10 seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the speed of your connection to the internet. If you would prefer to do this manually rather than have this occur on startup, leave this box unchecked.
  • Play Sound when I receive a message - If a friend or community member sends you a chat request, URL, or instant message, The NeoPlanet Browser can alert you by playing a sound. Make sure the box is checked to enable this sound option.
  • Play sounds when my friend's status changes - This will play a sound whenever one of your friends goes online or offline. Keep the box checked if you want to keep track of these status changes.
  • Automatic responses - Here, you can define custom messages that are immediately sent to friends or community members, contingent upon your status. You have the following customizable states:
  •      Go to away mode after "n" minutes and respond with "personal text" - Away mode is merely a courtesy, to let your friends know you have stepped away from your computer. You can enable/disable this feature via the checkbox provided. You may also indicate the number of minutes of inactivity that it takes to enter this mode, and a brief piece of text that will be sent to people when they try to send you a message.
  •      Do not disturb - If you have manually set yourself to DND mode, you can define a brief custom message that will be sent to all people that try to message you. When they send their message, they will receive back the text you have entered, along with the option to send you an e-mail instead, so that you do not miss messages and can deal with them at your leisure.
  •      Blocked User - If you have blocked a user and they try to send you a message, this text will be sent to them. They will NOT receive the option to send you an e-mail.
  • Chat window closed - This message will be displayed on a friend's or member's chat dialog whenever you close your own chat window.
  • Account settings - Clicking on this option brings up the basis for your Communities account: your user name and password. If you have multiple accounts, this is where you can change your current account. You can also create a new account here.