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NeoPlanet Browser Privacy Policy

The policy of NeoPlanet, Inc. is to protect the privacy of the NeoPlanet Browser users and their information while providing a highly customized Web experience.

In order to provide NeoPlanet Browser users with a more personalized, relevant, and intelligent service, we regularly make improvements to this product. To understand the needs and interests of our users and to classify users into meaningful categories, we collect data for the purpose of identifying user groups, not individuals. Individual information is not used, unless the user has granted permission or it is in conjunction with the provision of NeoPlanet's own services (i.e. delivery of information to a user in response to that user's request from the NeoPlanet service). If you get the NeoPlanet Browser from NeoPlanet, NeoPlanet does not provide individual information to third parties unless we have your permission or under special circumstances, such as when we believe in good faith that the law requires it. Certain services provided by partners and accessed through the NeoPlanet Browser require that personal information be shared with a partner in order to activate the service, but this is described to you before collecting the information or prior to transferring the data. In addition, many sponsorships and promotions require that some information be transferred. By requesting more information, you give NeoPlanet permission to transfer your personal information to the sponsor so they can fulfill your request. In most cases, only your email address will be shared. If more information will be shared with the sponsor, you will be notified prior to the transfer. If you receive a custom version of the NeoPlanet Browser from a NeoPlanet partner, NeoPlanet may share data with that partner. Please read the following policy to understand how NeoPlanet will use any information provided to us by our users.

The Company
NeoPlanet, Inc. ( is a privately held software development company based in Tempe, Ariz. NeoPlanet connects companies with their customers through dynamic desktop software integrated with versatile, customer-centric infrastructure. The availability of the NeoPlanet Browser depends primarily on its perceived value among third parties and their willingness to pay for advertisements that target users of this product. It is this support that allows the NeoPlanet Browser to be distributed for free to you. Our priority to keep the NeoPlanet Browser free for our users requires us to provide these advertisers, and content partners with aggregate demographic profiles of our user base. We may then use this information to deliver targeted advertisement opportunities to specially selected groups of users that are likely to respond favorably to them.

What is collected and how it is used
Periodically, the NeoPlanet Browser will communicate with NeoPlanet in a way that will not interfere with computer performance or Internet surfing. During these communications the following types of information are sent: product usage, system configuration, demographic information and NeoPlanet ID. The NeoPlanet ID identifies each unique piece of client software. The tracking of channel categories enables us to better customize the featured content based on usage statistics. We only collect Channel bar usage and URL information on an aggregate basis. Individual surfing information is never collected. We also have the ability to track a predetermined set of URLs accessed through the product. As with all information collected, this information is analyzed on an aggregate basis. The NeoPlanet Browser is not used to track individual user's surfing activities. Upon initial startup, the NeoPlanet Browser will also ask a user to enter certain personal information. This information will be retained by us to build an aggregate demographic profile of users. Users will always have the option to view and edit this registration information simply by modifying the form under the Help menu and resubmitting it.

External Web sites
Users should be aware that links to Web sites not controlled by NeoPlanet (and therefore not subject to this privacy agreement) are contained within and can be added to the NeoPlanet Browser Software. Users should check the privacy policy of these individual sites or channels to see how the data collected by these sites will be utilized .Please be aware that the NeoPlanet Browser, its partners websites, as well as other web sites, may use cookies. "Cookies" are pieces of information that a Web site transfers to an individual's hard drive for record-keeping purpose and to enhance a visitor's site experience. The use of cookies has become an industry standard and are used by most major Web sites.

Children and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
NeoPlanet, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, does not allow children under 13 to signup for the NeoPlanet Browser. The NeoPlanet Browser is available only for children age 13 and older. NeoPlanet also notifies parents and other legal guardians of children of the following important information:
Children should always ask their parents' permission before sending any personal information to us, or anywhere on the Internet. Parents are encouraged to spend time online with their children to become familiar with the types of content available through the NeoPlanet Browser, and over the Internet in general, and to regularly oversee their children's use of email and other online facilities. Children should check with their parents before supplying any information about themselves or their likes and dislikes before they signup for NeoPlanet. If a child under 13 has in fact signed up for NeoPlanet against our policy or if any child 13 and older has provided us with personally identifiable information which a parent or guardian desires to review, a parent or guardian should contact us by sending e-mail to