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NeoPlanet, Inc. In the News

CRM Xchange, October 4, 2001
"Software solutions provider NeoPlanet, Inc., known for enabling companies to enhance their customers desktop experience through custom personalization, announces today multi-platform capability for its Viassary suite, extending the intelligent delivery of communications on the desktop to personal digital assistants (PDAs) and mobile telephones. "

Phoenix Business Journal, October 4, 2001
Viassary linked to PocketPC launch
"In conjunction with Microsoft's launch of Pocket PC 2002, a wireless handheld computer, NeoPlanet today announced that its Viassary software product will be promoted by Microsoft to PocketPC customers. "

The Arizona Republic, August 6, 2001
NeoPlanet grows up, joins Compaq in deal
"The Tempe company, known for its movie-related Internet browsers, today will announce a deal with Compaq Computer Corp..."

The Arizona Republic, March 19, 2001
NeoPlanet is Launching New Strategy
"Tempe-based NeoPlanet is exploring a new universe."

PC Today, Vol. 9 Issue 2, Feb 2001
NeoPlanet 5.2-Alternative Browsing With An IE Twist
"Has your relationship with Microsoft Internet Explorer lost its excitement? Have you found yourself straying, looking at other browsers and wondering, 'Would I be happier with a different program?'"

ZDNET News, May 28, 2000
NeoPlanet's Latest Browser Really Rocks
"A new deal with Universal Pictures will deliver movie-themed browsers to PC desktops. Analysts say custom applications may move online advertising out of the Stone Age."

The Wall Street Journal International, April 13, 2000
Internet Browser Makers Move Battle to New Turf
"NeoPlanet is a free, small browser that actually uses most of the Internet Explorer functionality under its hood. All you will see, however, is a snazzy program that can change its look with your mood, courtesy of downloadable 'skins'. Clever stuff. Not only does NeoPlanet steal user's attention from under Mr. Gate's nose, but it anticipates a growing feature of the Internet: customization."

The Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2000
Hobbits in Cyberspace
"New Line Cinema also retained NeoPlanet, Inc., a Phoenix-based software design company, to design a so-called unique browser for "The Lord of the Rings." Users can download the browser from New Line's site. The browser, once downloaded, will be a separate icon on a user's computer screen that will be entirely devoted to Lord of the Rings content, including the official site and links to the various fan sites that New Line chooses to include. Once in the browser, fans will be able to use its instant messaging capability to chat live with each other."

Arthur Anderson KnowledgeSpace, Jan 10, 2000
NeoPlanet Offers a Browser of a Different Color
"'Desktop branding is one of the strongest methods of being in front of the consumer's face,' Gordon Paddison, vice president of worldwide interactive marketing and development for New Line Cinema."

Forrester Research, Nov 24, 1999
Epidermal Marketing Comes To The Web
"Hipper marketers and application developers will embrace epidermal marketing -- marketing through branded skins Forrester believes marketers should embrace skins because they offer:

  • Easy implementation
  • Viral distribution
  • Low cost

The New York Times, Oct 14, 1999
Programs That Can Redecorate Your Computer Screen
"The [browser add-on] frontrunner is NeoPlanet, which layers itself on top of Internet Explorer's ordinary look The latest version of NeoPlanet's browser also includes a chat program"

CNET, Aug 23 1999
Browser Multitasks As "Internet Desktop"
"In combining the browser and the messaging software, NeoPlanet is taking a page from AOL's proprietary service playbook."

The Los Angeles Times, July 19, 1999
What Color Is Your Web Browser?
"Yeah, baby! NeoPlanet's Austin Powers browser overlay is among the new products that add a personal touch to the Internet interface NeoPlanet is more than just a pretty face"

Entertainment Weekly, July 16,1999
New Toy: Browser Power
"Downloading this application will give your familiar gray Netscape or Explorer window a flower-powered makeover", May 18, 1999
Browser-Portal Merger: Searching for Stickiness
"'There's a real value to being that face of the network if you can control the starting point when the person fires up the browser, you're controlling the water way up at the source,' Jim Balderston, industry analyst with Zona Research."

Dallas Morning News, May 13, 1999
And Now, Something Completely Different In Browsers
"Now comes permission to completely zap the gray-framed borders of Internet browsers. Thanks to development of interchangeable designer 'skins' in NeoPlanet, Bill Gates and Microsoft no longer control the way Internet Explorer appears on your PC monitor."