About Warren Adelman

In February 2001, Warren Adelman was appointed president and chief executive officer of NeoPlanet, Inc. A co-founder of the company, Adelman served as executive vice president of business development from 1999 to 2001, playing a pivotal role in NeoPlanet's initial funding and spin-off from its parent company Bigfoot International, Inc. in New York.

Further, Adelman was central in establishing NeoPlanet's partnerships with Terra Lycos, USA Networks, MTV, Universal Studios, Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records, New Line Cinema and Network Associates, Inc. Prior to NeoPlanet, Adelman was vice president of business development for Bigfoot International from 1997 to 1999, where he initiated some of the industry's first trackable e-mail marketing campaigns for companies such as Microsoft, Eddie Bauer, Oppenheimer Funds and Network Associates. Adelman also established partnerships with BellSouth, Hotmail, Snap, InfoSeek, ICQ, ZDNet, and Look Smart. He served as an executive liaison to Acxiom Corporation, Bigfoot's strategic investor and database marketing partner.

Prior to Bigfoot, Adelman was vice president of business development and communications at IFusion, a pioneer in Internet content management and delivery. Prior to that, Adelman spent six years in international relations at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he served as chief of public affairs. Prior to his service in Washington, Adelman was an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. Adelman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and history at the University of Toronto. Born in Hamilton, Canada, Adelman currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.